Can doing my own books be less expensive?

It can save you a lot of money...

But it can also be more expensive.   We have taken on more bookkeeping business from frustrated software users than from any other source.

Many people buy an accounting package thinking that this is all they will ever need.   They use it for a while, take the data to their accountant, and find out that they've been doing things wrong anyway.   Invariably, at that point, a lot of money is spent for a bookkeeper to rebuild their books to produce useful numbers.

A bad set of books can mean big losses when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam.   Paying a bookkeeper to undo what you do to your books can cost you much more.

We show you how!

We have been doing bookkeeping for every kind of business for many years.  We will show you how to use QuickBooks® effectively.   We will not only give you and your staff hands-on training with the software package, but we will also teach you how bookkeeping is supposed to be done.  

It is not enough to know your software - it is essential that you understand the processes of recording things in your books.  Many bookkeeping concepts are abstract to most people.   What might make common sense at the time, could end up costing you to correct later.

Learn the difference between assets, liabilities, income and expense.   Many business owners believe that everything they pay out is a deductible expense - not so!   On the flip side, everything that is deposited into the bank account is not necessarily income.   Recording each item properly is the key to bookkeeping.

Learn to use your accounting package with confidence.   Just buying a scalpel doesn't qualify a person to perform surgery.   All tools, no matter how powerful, have a learning process.   We can show you how to obtain the most from your accounting software.

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